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Our Mission


At StartUp Sales we are passionate about the software and technology startup community. Our mission is to provide sales, business development and marketing advisory services to both the leadership and sales teams of pre-revenue, early stage and more established software and other technology firms that can benefit from guidance in these areas.

The overall objective of our customer focused and collaborative efforts are to assist our clients in their drive to accelerate early revenue and customer acquisition. We help them to rapidly build momentum, moving them towards the outcomes needed for their next desired growth phase or equity/funding event. We focus on B2B vendors that address the SMB and Enterprise markets.


StartUp Sales is focused on addressing the key pain point experienced by most technology startups. Many of organizations are founded and run by great engineers that have themselves identified unique, problem solving and timely solutions. However, when it comes to their Go-To-Market strategy, sales knowledge and marketing capabilities we usually find they are fragmented, missing, flawed or incomplete.

And what does this impact – revenue, customer acquisition, customer retention and more.

At StartUp Sales the sole focus is to help its customers define and develop these skills for their specific target market and prospects so that they can accelerate revenue and growth.

Our Services




Our first step is to understand your business. This starts with your solution, the problem you address, geographic reach and many other factors. Next, we baseline your current sales skills and capabilities. This information allows us to create a custom program for your organization. Once engaged, together we will work to document your Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP) and target Personas. We will then clearly define their pain points and how your solution addresses them with your differentiated and compelling value proposition.

With this we can then undertake your initial marketing campaigns and sales efforts to move your prospects in the direction of taking a closer look at your solution. Our goal is to engage you and your primary targeted prospects in ways that allow you to conduct a demonstration, trial or Proof of Concept that results in a more structured sales cycle and ultimately revenue generation in the shortest time. We stand with you guiding you through the entire sales process and cycle, from getting their attention to closure.

StartUp Sales can assist your organizations in many ways, including the following areas:
• Creating or refining your go-to-market strategy
• Developing processes and agile sales methodology that are customized for your company, product, and prospect base. 
• Crafting scalable and repeatable sales processes

If you’re interested in accelerating your opportunities and revenue, we can help. We’ll assist you in connecting with more targeted prospects, filling the “top of funnel” with qualified leads, moving your opportunities through the funnel at an accelerated pace, and ultimately building your customer and revenue base.

At StartUp Sales we develop personalized sales training programs to meet the needs of any technology startup organization. This can include custom sales training, product training, and other content specific to the needs of our clients.

For sales we start with our currently developed programs and modify them to your organizations specific requirements and sales knowledge. These programs are structured to provide a “teach and then apply” methodology where we deliver the training and then work with the attendees to apply what they have learned. Based on this “knowledge application” we can then review the progress of the training participants before moving on to the next phase.

Additional courses include:
• Go-To-Market Strategy
• Sales Development Representative (SDR) Training
• Numerous Sales Micro-Skills Modules

Lastly, all existing courses are designed and structured to deliver value when presented in their unmodified state to an audience consisting of multiple organizations with differing requirements. They can also be customized and delivered to a single organization.



Sales coaching is very much like sports coaching. And, like sports coaching, it can be either a one-on-one or team activity. At StartUp Sales we analyze the current sales strengths and weaknesses of each individual, and then work closely with the individual (Founder, Co-Founder, Sales Representative, Account Manager, Sales Development Representative, etc.) to maximize their capabilities, skills, sales performance and sales outcomes. Coaching is a way to provide inspiration and motivation to the individual, keeping their performance and productivity at the highest levels.

Coaching new sales representatives is a process used to “jump start” their sales capabilities. It should not be considered a substitute for formal sales training, but rather an additional component needed to rapidly increase the skills of the individual sales professional. Used in conjunction with training it can significantly improve their sales performance.

Coaching is designed to go beyond the general interaction between sales and sales management, which is often focused on deal status. It is a value added interaction looking forward to improve sales skills long term.

In this coaching engagement we:
• Focus the individual(s) on high value activities while minimizing focus on low value areas
• Define desired outcomes
• Set a mentoring cadence based on these desired outcomes
• Measure activities and results

Coaching can be performed by an external professional, the sales manager, or on a peer-to-peer basis using another, very successful member of the sales team.

StartUp Sales can be your external professional sales coaching resource.





David Manner brings over 35 years of sales and sales management expertise in software and technology, and has experience across a broad array of industries. This includes work with large organizations and multiple startups.

He is passionate about helping startups and early stage firms with their efforts to achieve accelerated growth in revenue and customer acquisition, and enjoys working with the core team in these firms to grow their sales skills, create and tune their sales processes, and develop their “go-to-market” strategy. David is an accomplished sales trainer, coach and public speaker.




Email: dave@startupsalesllc.com

Mobile: +1 646.263.1521

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